Degmo is a word used by Somalis to describe a cluster of family encampments erected by nomads tending their livestock. Here in the UK, in a secluded valley at Hangingheld Farm, surrounded by sheep and cows and far away from roads, houses and street lights, we have created our own version of a Degmo: a haven where Somali families, community groups, and all those with an interest in Somali affairs can stay and immerse themselves in the rural cultures of both Somalia and Britain.

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Degmo 2021 - How to Book Your Visit and Prices

In 2021 Degmo hopes to be able to open from 26th June until the middle of September.

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Degmo In Africa

Following the success of Degmo in the UK, we have been invited to establish a larger and more ambitious Somali rural cultural centre in the Republic of Somaliland. We hope that in future other Degmo centres can also be built elsewhere in the Somali regions of the Horn of Africa.  

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Volunteer For Degmo

Degmo inspires Somalis to be proud of their heritage. We also want them to teach others. Why not get more invloved by volunteering to help out this summer? We are looking for a small team of dedicated hard working helpers to assist with hosting visitors to Degmo. For further details contact Degmo.

Fundraising for new tents

The big black tents which Degmo has used since 2008 have finally worn out. We have decided to replace them with geodomes which will provide more space and more warmth for our visitors. They also look and feel a little like traditional Aqal Somali tents. Please help us to fundraise for the purchase of these new geodomes.

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