Degmo owes its existence to the Somali businesses and businessmen who so generously and unconditionally donated all the funds required to set the project running. They are:
Maxamed Ibrahiim Yassiin Colad
Travel Express

Thanks are also due to those individuals who gave their time to advise and provide impetus to the formation and development of Degmo. In particular we wish to express gratitude to our friends Cabdirashiid Maxamed Saciid Ducale, Saciid Yussuf Cabdi, Muuse Idagah, Sulemaan Cumar Kujoog and Cabdixakiim Jamaac, all of whom continue to support Degmo.


Somalis from Ocean Somali Community Centre in London pose in front of barns

Degmo is a collaboration. In developing the services and facilities we offer we are proud to act in partnership with Somali community groups throughout the UK. Lead partners are:

OSCA Ocean Somali Community Association - Tower Hamlets
MAAN Somali Mental Health Project - Sheffield and Liverpool
Amana Education Trust - Bristol

Other groups with whom we work include:
Somali Integration Society - Cardiff
Newport Somali Association
Afro-British Support Services "IMPACT" - Birmingham
Somali Community Group - Milton Keynes
Horn of Africa - Hammersmith
Somali Carers Trust - Haringey
Liverpool Somali Youth Council


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